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Meet Our van


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Today, Clifford is quite the comfy home-on-wheels for a married couple traveling the United States, but she wasn't always so. This van was originally purchased and used by a plumbing company in McKinney, TX. In March of 2019, her days of slinging around plumbing materials were over and she was sold and bought by a couple living in Boulder, CO. They were the ones who turned an "'ole plumbing rig" into a home on wheels! They gave Clifford the "bones" she still has today. They spent 3 months building the electrical system, insulation, flooring, cabinets and even added an AC unit. After they built her out they set off for a 3 month summer adventure visiting much of the West Coast of the US. But when summer faded into fall they were ready to sell this beaut because they had plans to move to New Mexico. And that's when we found Clifford late on a Saturday evening scrolling through Craigslist. We test drove the next day, spent the next several days finalizing all the paperwork and officially purchased our "first home" together November 18, 2019!


Once we finally got the keys it was time to add our personal touch to make the space really feel like our own. We added:

  • Passenger swivel seat to increase the interior space/seating

  • New JBL speakers for those long road days jammin' to tunes

  • 20% tint for the front two cab windows to keep things cool on hot days!

  • Gas struts on all upper cabinets so they stay open while we grab whatever we need

  • Additional storage box to store shoes and increase the length of the "couch"

  • Lagun mount & table so we can work/eat comfortably  - a MUST in a van!

  • A roofdeck to soak in the suns rays

  • A skylight to view the stars at night (we removed the AC unit for this upgrade)

  • && last but not least we bid adieu to the 4gal hand pump water system that was in place and upgraded to 21gal fresh water with electrical pump (7 gal grey)!

Clifford's Specs 

2015 {RED} Ram Promaster 2500

159" WB

76,700 mi

(when we purchased in 11/2019)



Toilet: Dometic 5gal Portable Toilet

Shower: NEMO Helio Pressure Shower


Fridge: Dometic CRX-65 

Butcher Block: KARLBY Countertop

Sink: BOHOLMEN Round Sink

Faucet: Stainless Steel Bar Faucet

Backsplash: Vinyl Subway Tile


Kitchen Window: Arctic Tern Window 450 x 610

Bedroom Window: CRL 10 x 33 Awning Window


Awning: MoonShade Awning ($30 off coupon in link!)

Bed Liner: Raptor Bed Liner Spray Kit (8L)

We love sharing the ins and outs of Clifford in hopes to help inspire your build/project! If we missed any details you are curious about don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Contact Form (link above). We would be happy to answer any questions!

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